Country Fair at Fay Park, September 13th

Hard to believe that another summer has almost passed us by.  Hope you are enjoying your home grown backyard goodies!  We had great participation in people checking seeds out of Seed Lending Library, and the seed savers have been busy growing all season.  Soon those acclimatizing seeds will be returning to our collection to be stored until next season.   A few members of the Littleton Honeybee Forum rented a honey extractor for the day and collectively extracted well over 100lbs of honey in 1 day!  Littleton Community Farm now is turning our attention to what will prove to be an exciting fall.  On Saturday, September 13th 10:00 AM  – 3:00 PM  we will be staffing a table at the Country Fair at Fay Park, joining with the Littleton Conservation Trust to press fresh apple cider.  Please stop by have a glass of cider, and find out how you can get involved.  It has never been a better time to get involved in the slow food movement.

Littleton Community Farm Seeks Volunteers and Board Members

Would you like to get involved with creating a nonprofit community farm in Littleton? The Littleton Community Farm mission is to be a center for farm-based education and a model for traditional and innovative farming methods. Our aim is to inspire through hands-on, multigenerational exposure to farm, land, food, and volunteerism; growing for ourselves and for others.

Adding to the number of small farms will help our region meet pressing changes in climate, population, and food needs.  Small farms build popular enthusiasm for fresh and locally grown food, increasing demand and market share for all local farms.  They pioneer sustainable farming methods, and are accountable to the communities they serve.

By connecting as many people as possible to the land, community farms create a unique nexus for education, a seedbed of inspiration for land stewardship ideas, and a place for volunteers to involve themselves in the work of agriculture. Littleton Community Farm gives people an opportunity to care directly for the place they live and the food they eat.   If you are looking to nourish your community, our group invites interested volunteers or prospective board members to join the project. The Littleton Community Farm needs:

Board of Directors: Member Education
This position will take leadership in all educational activities provided by and supported by LCF.  This includes on-site programming, off-site workshops, informational presentations, and co-sponsored events.  Educational programming efforts will be coordinated with other Board members and Committees, with outside resources being utilized when necessary.

Board of Directors: Copywriter
This position is responsible for creating and editing content, in a variety of media forms, that promotes the farm mission, visibility, and fundraising efforts in the community.

Works in collaboration with Marketing Committee and Board members to write clear and persuasive copy for press releases, website content, newsletter, social media, marketing collateral, and fundraising appeals.

Board of Directors: Marketing/Event Planning
This position will lead efforts for planning and executing events and campaigns. While overseeing marketing efforts, he/she will be directly involved in designing marketing materials utilizing print, web-based tools and social media.

Community Volunteers
Are you committed to preserving open space and agricultural heritage? Are you looking for an opportunity to build community through farm based hands-on education? Are you willing to learn new things and dig in? We are seeking volunteers to help us in all areas of planning, research, fundraising, marketing, and implementation.

All positions require cooperative interpersonal and communication skills. These rewarding and challenging roles will be strategic and cooperative in order to create a viable nonprofit farm for today and for future generations.

If you are interesting in volunteering, email or call Amy Tarlow-Lewis at 978-486-0316. To learn more go to or like us on Facebook: